The new P 675 wide-angle joint from GKN Walterscheid offers the user substantially greater benefits and is characterised by numerous technical innovations in practical use.
Readily accessible grease nipples
The P 675 wide-angle joint has a new kind of central lubrication system which – in conjunction with the cap bottom lubrication
that has already demonstrated its worth in standard joints –permits an optimum flow of grease straight to the heart of the joint.
60-hour maintenance interval
Floating disks make for a permanently closed centring system. This minimises grease losses and prevents the ingress of dirt. Depending on application, the new wide-angle joint only needs to be lubricated after every 60 hours of operation as a result of this technical innovation – generally meaning once per week.
Longer service life
The floating disks and the spherical plain bearings integrated in the centring system ensure optimum distribution of forces. This reduces wear and prolongs the service life of the joint. The double yoke is additionally characterised by a revised lubrication system.
All components are optimally supplied with grease via a bilateral central lubrication system and direct double-yoke lubrication. The centring system of the joint is equipped with a wear-resistant guide hub made of high-strength material. The tried-and-tested spherical plain bearings and floating disks increase the service life of the centring system by improving the distribution of forces. These components moreover prevent the ingress of dirt and the escape of grease.
Great functional reliability
The Power Drive P 675 wide-angle joint features the familiar product characteristics of the Walterscheid Power Drive range, such as dirt-repellent multi-lip seals and robust needle bearing technology. The completely enclosed design affords protection against environmental influences and the ingress of dust or residue of the harvested crop. The new generation of P 675 wideangle joints from Walterscheid is additionally characterised by quieter running.

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