''I have a great plan for my future...'' from this idea, Marco and Stefano Scarpelli founded the company Cardan•Tec in the year 2000.
The ambitious target is to build day after day the way of their own success, supported by business partners, leaders in their own market.

Cardan•Tec has invested its resources to research of products that could be placed as a reference player, for quality and technology at the service of its clients, in the arena of an increasingly complex market.

Cardan•Tec has structured its business into three operating area:

  • products for agricultural mechanization
  • products for clearing snow
  • products for industrial mechanization
  • In the area of products for the agricultural mechanization Cardan-Tec is an official partner of prestigious brands such as: GKN Walterscheid GmbH, Cramer Kupplung, Hydrac, Laforge.
    The products deal are:

  • PTO drive shafts, clutches and spare parts
  • 3-point hitch for tractors and spare parts
  • towing hitches for tractors Cuna, ISO, K80 and spare parts
  • front linkage and front PTO for tractors and spare parts
  • front end loaders for tractors, accessories and spare parts
  • concrete and cast iron counter weights for tractors
  • Furthermore, Cardan•Tec has expanded its product offering and it is on the market like a player for industrial mechanization components (industry): universal U-joints, mechanic cross kits, Industrial PTO drive shafts and spare parts for construction machinery, trucks and off-road cars, special vehicles of all kinds, marine, railway, industry machines.

    Cardan•Tec would like to thank our suppliers who have supported and still support the company's business and its customers to renew their own trust for years.

    Cardan•Tec Experience, competence, courtesy and quality at your service.